What's changed in 1.9b5

  • Fix: Fast search on APFS volumes works when many (1000s) of matches are expected.
  • Fix: Help text at the Find window's bottom updates correctly when adding a new choice.
  • Fix: Norwegian translation by Kjetil Pettersson.

What's changed in 1.9b4

  • New: Shows contextual help at the bottom of the Find window.
  • New: Can search for User ID and Group ID numbers. This is an advanced feature - to get these options, hold down the Option (alt) key when clicking the leftmost popup menu.
  • Fix: Right-click menu on found items uses the correct system font on OS X Yosemite and later.
  • Fix: Searching with non-ASCII characters on APFS volumes works now.
  • Fix: When using "root" search ("Find All"), FAF can read the name and password from the Keychain again.
  • Fix: Now allows use of more than one "File Content" condition.
  • Fix: Windows are not getting reset to the top left corner any more if they're just a little off-screen.
  • Fix: Expand & Collapse commands now work in the right-click menu on the results.
  • Fix: Fast search on APFS volumes shows a less choppy animation.
  • Note: German, French, Italian, Czech, Spanish and Portuguese translations in the app should be complete now. Please report if you spot any any errors.

What's changed in 1.9b3

  • Fix: Does not freeze any more when trying to delete undeletable files, such as those in the System folder.

What's changed in 1.9b2

  • Fix: No more crash (mentioning "UpdateIDFromRef") after deleting items or unmounting the searched disk.
  • Fix: Sorting in the results doesn't get stuck any more.

What's changed since version 1.8.9

  • New: macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) support for fast search on APFS formatted disks.
  • New: "Preview Grid" view shows larger icons. Helpful when looking for images.
  • New: Searching for plain text content in files (experimental, please give feedback).
  • New criteria "contains either of" and "ends in either of" for a simple logical or search operation. Now you can search for all kinds of images using the term [Name] [ends in either of] [.gif .png .jpg .jpeg .tif .tiff], for instance.
  • Change: "Name contains" is now doing a slightly smarter search: If you enter "day one", all files are listed that contain both "day" and "one", such as "stones today". If you want the previous behavior where the spaces need to match as well, use "contains exactly" instead.
  • Change: "Copy Names" command in Tree view always inserts TAB characters for indentation.
  • Fix: Does not crash when Trashing more than 2000 items at once.
  • Fix: "Copy" commands adds file reference to the clipboard so they can be pasted in the Finder.
  • Fix: Quicklook can be used if more than one file is selected.
  • Fix: The search field always offers all types (Name, Kind, Dates, Size, Path), even if they aren't shown as a column.
  • Numerous small usability fixes.