What's changed in 2.5b1 (363)

  • New "File Server Settings" window for managing NAS and other network volumes.
  • Lots of bug and crash fixes.

What's changed in 2.4.2b7 (362)

  • The popup menus for Kind and Label work again.

What's changed in 2.4.2b6 (361)

  • New: Can now search on NAS and *nix server much faster by running the "find" command remotely. Requires a Pro license for testing. Contact me if you like to test this.
  • New: FAF now remembers the opened Find windows and restores them at the next launch. If you want to reload the saved default search instead, see the File menu for the shortcut to "Restore Default Search".
  • Volumes can now be hidden from the locations menu. See Hidden Volumes.
  • The popup menus for the search location, Kind and Label can now be sorted by holding down the Shift key.
  • The popup menus for the search location and the rules can now show the hidden (expert) items by holding down the Option key.
  • Fixes a few crashes and freezes and a case where the search would never end.

What's changed in 2.4.2b5 (360)

  • Fixes Open With to open the correct version if there are multiple of the same application.
  • When FAF is relaunched as root, it will bring itself back to the foreground (didn't work on macOS Sonoma).
  • When switching from Flat List view to Tree view, an existing selection is fully preserved and the selected items are all revealed in the folder hierarchy.
  • No more flickering of the results when files get updated in the background.
  • When found files get deleted, the selection and the "filtered" count are properly updated.

What's changed in 2.4.2b4 (359)

  • When a previously disappeared volume reappears, FAF should no longer freeze and should rediscover all found items on that volume again.
  • Saved .faf files do not add a "\" to every "/" any more (only on macOS 10.15 and later, though).
  • Folder size calculation is more reliable.

What's changed in 2.4.2b3 (358)

  • Changed behavior: FAF now remembers what you last entered into the Find window, and will open any new Find windows with the same input. You can still load the (saved) Default Search from the File menu or by typing cmd-option-O.
  • FAF has many advanced (hidden) preferences, which are now documented here.
  • Enables "Browse with BBEdit" menu item now only if selection includes text or plist files.
  • Adds Kind "Executable".
  • Now shows a cloud symbol for offline files (i.e. those in iCloud).
  • It's now possible to install matching scripts from the website. To test this (it's still off by default until FAF 2.4.2 is released), use this link to view the scripting page. Remember: You can always re-visit these Release Notes from FAF's Help menu.
  • The first time a search on a QNAP NAS is performed, a browser window is opened with the link to https://findanyfile.app/qnap.html.
  • Adds new expert rule "Spotlight" to determine whether to include or exclude Spotlight.
  • Updates the included manual with all recently added rules and some other new details.
  • Resolves some issues when searching with Spotlight on Synology NAS (it could happen that the first search didn't find all items, while subsequent searches did).
  • Fixes an issue on macOS 14 (Sonoma) when searching for text content on iCloud offline files: FAF did download those files, which shouldn't be happening.
  • The export "File Type UTI" rule works again.
  • Fixes the hidden "Tie Results window to Find window" preference.
  • Fixes a potential crash in Text Content search when using RegEx.
  • Now FAF detects when its app got moved and relaunches itself from the new location in order to avoid a crash later.

What's changed in 2.4.2b2 (357)

  • Fixes several issues around searching on Synology and Qnap NAS volumes with FAF's Spotlight option enabled. See these Synology and QNAP pages for details.
  • Improves Spotlight search speed - no more 2-second delays before the search is finished if it has finished quickly.
  • Improves VoiceOver labels for the items in the toolbar of the Results window.
  • Fixes a freeze that occured when searching a folder that contained more than 1000 matches at its top level.

What's changed in 2.4.2b1 (356)

  • Fixes an obscure crash in dealloc that plagues a few users frequently.
  • Adds better error reporting for a rare crash when searching for text content.
  • Adds "AppleScript" to the Kind rule.
  • Makes the "Scripts" rule visible without expert mode.
  • Improves Japanese translations.
  • Now uses Miguel Beijoca's Squircle icon as the default Dock icon for Big Sur and later.

See here for Release Notes for all previous versions.