What's changed in 2.3b12 (262)

  • Fix: FAF (beta) should not freeze up any more when deleting or trashing files.
  • Fixes some minor drag & drop issues.
  • Renaming or moving files on an SMB network volume is now properly detected (as it was in version 1).
  • Removing a found folder from results won't remove its found contents any more but instead turn the folder into an intermediate (not-found) folder, which is only shown in the Tree view – removing that will remove all its contents, then.
  • Dragging files to the Finder while pressing the cmd and option keys will now create an Alias of them.

What's changed in 2.3b11 (261)

  • When choosing a folder or when saving a file, FAF now remembers the last visited folder separately for each type.
  • Removes the confirmation dialog that appears when more than 10000 (on network vols 1000) items were found. FAF should now perform better and not become unresponsive if it has to display lots of items. If you run into performance issues, please let me know.
  • Fixes another beta crash when deleting or showing lots of files.

What's changed in 2.3b10 (260)

  • Fixes URL schema's "root" and "norun" arguments.

What's changed in 2.3b9 (259)

  • New: Adds a way to invoke FAF searches via a custom URL schema from automation tools such as Alfred and Keyboard Maestro. I still have to write complete docs for this, so contact me directly if you're interested.
  • Fixes (hopefully) a beta crash when deleting lots of files.

What's changed in 2.3b8 (258)

  • Fixes a crash introduced in the previous beta (endless recursion inside `isHidden` or `isPackage`).

What's changed in 2.3b7 (257)

  • Adds menu command "New Results Window" (need to hold the option key down to see it). Useful if you want to collect a window with results from different previous searches.
  • Fixes the Filter function in the Results (got broken in 2.3b6).

What's changed in 2.3b6 (256)

  • Now much faster when searching through folders (does not apply to "fast search mode").
  • When finding 10000s of items, the results will update and re-sort much snappier now.
  • Fixes a random crash ("Collection <__NSSetM: …> was mutated while being enumerated").
  • Fixes an occasional crash when closing the results window while the search hasn't finished yet.
  • Won't re-open the results if the window is closed just when the search is finished.
  • Does not crash any more when right-clicking on a found item.

What's changed in 2.3b5 (254)

  • Fixes another display issue with macOS 10.11 and 10.12 (default buttons, e.g. "Find", had a white background but should be blue).

What's changed in 2.3b4 (253)

  • Fix: No more duplicate paths with Spotlight results included.
  • Fixes some display issues with macOS 10.11 and 10.12 (Stop button was missing when showing results early).
  • When changing the noun of a rule, previously entered text remains instead of getting cleared.

What's changed in 2.3b3 (250)

  • Trashing more than 500 files at once should not crash any more on macOS 10.13 and earlier.
  • Preferences and SpecialFolders windows now remember their size and screen position.
  • Should work on macOS 10.11 (Sierra) again.
  • Fixes several crashing issues.
  • Fixes an issue where excluding paths under "/private/" did not work.

What's changed in 2.3b2 (249)

  • Improves Voice Over to make FAF better usable by people with impaired vision.
  • Right-click menu in Icon view works again.

What's changed in 2.3b1 (247)

  • FAF is now a universal app (run natively on both Intel and M1 Macs).
  • Adds new rules to search for Tags, Date Last Opened and Date Added.
  • Date Last Opened and Date Added can now be shown in the Results window.
  • Brings back the ability to search only the Data volume on Catalina and Big Sur system volumes (e.g. for better performance).
  • Slightly improves search performance.
  • Invisible volumes can be chosen to be searched by enabling "Expert Mode" or by holding down the Option key when opening the disk popup menu.
  • Resolves some Big Sur (macOS 11) related issues.
  • Fixes issues around using the Spotlight search option, e.g. the "Path" rule didn't work.
  • Fixes context menu operations on the Path Bar (that's the row of folders at the bottom of the Results window).
  • Fixes selection of items in "Preview Grid".
  • Fixes issues around determining the current Finder selection.
  • Fixes rare a stalling issue when checking for Login Items.
  • Fixes search for "Name matches pattern *".
  • Fixes readability (contrast) issues in selected results.
  • Fixes a few potential crashes.